York Historic Pubs

 The Golden SlipperThis is my list of the historic pubs in York with or without real history but that also serve a decent beer.

See the map…

The Black Swan Inn

Built: 1417

History: Ghost of workman with bowler hat and ghost young woman in white dress

Address: 23 Peasholme Green

The Golden Fleece

Built: 15th century

History: Ghost of airman in full 2nd world war uniform and ghost of man dressed in 17th century clothes

Address: 16 Pavement

The Snickleway Inn

Built: 15th century

History: Ghost of lady and her cat. Also ghost of young girl and ghost of an elderly gent

Address: 47 Goodramgate

The Red Lion

Built: 13th century

History: Have hidden priest holes

Address: 2 Merchant Place

The Old White Swan

Built: 16th century

History: Haunted but no specific ghosts

Address: 80 Goodramgate

Guy Fawkes Inn

Built: Not that old but looks old inside

History: Built on the birthplace of Guy Fawkes (1570)

Address: 25 High Petergate

The Kings Arms

Built: Dunno

History: Gets flooded regularly hence often appears on BBC and Sky news

Address: Kings Staith

The Blue Bell

Built: Dunno

History: Old authentic interior

Address: 53 Fossgate


Built: 1190

History: Old building

Address: 6 Patrick Pool

House of Trembling Madness

Built: 1180

History: Old building

Address: 48 Stonegate


Built: Dunno

History: Old building

Address: 31-33 Goodramgate

Royal Oak

Built: 15th century

History: Old building

Address: 18 Goodramgate

The Golden Slipper

Built: 15th century

History: Old 14th century slipper found in wall on display

Address: 20 Goodramgate

The Maltings

Built: Dunno

History: Covered with old doors and metal signs inside

Address: Tanners Moat