Venice is one of my favourite places to be.

I love the architecture and lack of cars.

However getting there and finding good food and wine can be hard amongst the infected tourist traps.

Just remember these are notes for my personal use – so free to use under your own responsibility.

Getting There
Well assuming you can get to the Venice Marco Polo it gets harder from there on.

List of do’s and don’ts:

  • Airside: get your luggage and proceed though customs control
  • Bus: Buy your bus ticket on the left outside customs. There might be a queue but it moves fast much faster than the queue in front of the self service machines in the baggage hall. Buy a return ticket for ATVO (EUR 11 p/p in 2013) which is a direct 20 minute shuttle to Venice bus station next to the main train station leaving every half an hour.
  • Bus stop is – proceed outside and across to the 2nd line of platforms and the ATVO leaves to the right
  • In Venice the bus stop is actually past the Grand Canale so if you need the Vaperatto then you have to go back and down to the water so not intuitive 
  • Vaperetto waterbus is expensive (EUR 7 in 2013). Tickets can be reused and charged with multiple trips
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