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EU – Quangos

This chapter will look into the various EU quangos either fully or semi controlled by the EU. There are quite a few, so watch this space. Galileo Official Name: GSA Budget: 30mill 20177 however financial resources are 2290 mill Personnel: 1167 This is a EU funded GPS system initially designed for civil purposes but it […]

EU – Article 50

Just to remind myself what this says… Highlights in my own words Any country may leave due to own requirements (another way to say you cannot be kicked out) If any country decides to withdraw; that country needs to tell the European Council (the timer will start then) The country leaves the EU based on […]

Brexit – Remember the Results

I’m making this post as the referendum details keeps being questioned in various discussions. Also to preserve the facts in case they disappear off the BBC website. Most of the facts are thanks to the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/eu_referendum/results Based on that I did a few additional calculations…but all facts! Result Electorate Electorate: 46,501,241 (100%) Turnout:  […]

EU – Economy of Brexit

This is part of the EU Fact File Verdict: NEUTRAL – YES it CAN be proved that either leaving or joining the EU does NOT impact the ECONOMY So both Brexit remain and leave campaigns struggle to prove what would happen if we either leave or stay in the EU? Strangely enough – nobody has […]

EU – Banking and Currency

This is part of the EU Fact File Verdict: OUT – Even though the UK is not in the EURO zone we are still impacted by the Banking Union – limiting what we can do with our banks and financial industry. It is proven by banking outside the EU is growing rapidly whilst both the […]

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