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My favourite area which used to be a bit rough but now is very trendy and bohemian. The many canals and cobbled streets adds to the atmosphere and the houses are very old here as most avoided the fire of Copenhagen. This area also holds the famous Christiania, the semi autonomous community of used-to-be hippies […]


Had to make this post, not that this area is unknown but to confirm my support to what they are doing in this alternative community. Since it’s establishment in the early 70’s as a hippie community is has been troubled by controversy. However it also managed to give many troubled young people a home; values […]

Færge Cafeen

Hidden gem of an old pub slightly off the beaten path.   You can also sit outside around the corner and look at the boats in the canal. The interior is traditional and very cosy and the landlord on the left is a great guy (and very entertaining!): The food is traditional Danish of the […]