Pedestrian Streets

In addition to the ramblas there are many other great streets with great sights, shopping, bars and restaurants.

Note, even if a street is pedestrianised you will still get cars, scooters and bicycles going through the street from time to time so watch out.

Avenida de Gaudi

Goes from La Sagrada Familia to Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

Getting there:

  • Metro: Sagrada Familia

My favourites:

  • La Sagrada Familia: does not need any introduction
  • Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau: Modernista hospital in beautiful settings. Must see


Carrer de Rogent

This is our local high street with many nice shops.

Getting there:

  • Metro: Clot or Encants

My favourites (from top left and down):

  • Pizza Que: Great pizza made in proper wood fire oven
  • D’Clot: Nice little vermouth bar
  • Vinacoteca: Just to the left in Carrer de Valencia. Great wine shop
  • Bodega Sopena: To the right in Carrer del Clot. Very old bodega with original interior. Great wine and vermouth
  • A Ruta Gallega: Galician restaurant. Cheap and decent Spanish food
  • Marlen-Tastets: Restaurant serving upmarket Catalan food. Expensive but very good
  • Parc del Clot: Great park for a picnic or drink

Additionally nearby turning left at Carrer del Dega Bahi you have Los Pajaritos fish restaurant and Bar Romans with Argentinian food.



Carrer Verdi

The high street in Gracia.

Also try to head down Carrer d’Astúries.

Lots of shops and restaurants.

Getting there:

  • Metro: Fontana, Lesseps or Joanic

My favourites (from top left and down):

  • Well the whole of Gracia is great!




The Spanish name “Rambla” means dry riverbed so as the name indicated Barcelona has got more than one.

However some ramblas have just been turned into massive roads so you need to know where the nice ones are…


  • La Rambla: Bottom left
  • Rambla Poeblenou: Top right


La Rambla

This is the one we all know. Most information will be in the tourist guides.

In general I find the area too touristic and the right side of the street towards the sea, called “El Raval”, a bit dodgy in some areas.

Getting there:

  • Metro: Placa Catalunya, Liceu or Drassanes

My favourites around there are:

  • Mercado de La Boqueria (marked with a blue shopping cart below): The old market


Rambla Poeblenou

This is my favourite rambla.

Starting Clot and goes all the way to the beach.

Also this part of the beach is the best in my mind.

Getting there:

  • Metro: Poeblenou or Llacuna

My favourites around there are:

  • El 58 (58): Very nice tapas bar
  • L’Aliança del Poble Nou (42): Traditional Spanish food
  • Additionally have a walk in the parallel street marked with blue line



My favourite area which used to be a bit rough but now is very trendy and bohemian.

The many canals and cobbled streets adds to the atmosphere and the houses are very old here as most avoided the fire of Copenhagen.

This area also holds the famous Christiania, the semi autonomous community of used-to-be hippies on the former army territory.

In the old days most of Christianshavn was army or navy base and navy ship yards and still to this day holds the Danish navy headquarters.

Many bars and restaurants have recently opened here and some of the old places have gone up-market.

My favourite places in this area are:

Christianshavn was part of the original fortress of Copenhagen hence it is having fortifications and moats from the north-east down to the south of the area identified by the zig-zag pattern on the map:


Some typical views:





Had to make this post, not that this area is unknown but to confirm my support to what they are doing in this alternative community.

Since it’s establishment in the early 70’s as a hippie community is has been troubled by controversy.

However it also managed to give many troubled young people a home; values and living that got them away from the streets and away from the crime.

For foreigners it is most known for it’s selling of hash in Pusher Street but but lesser known for also banning all hard drugs from the territory efficiently enforced by the local residents as the police is mostly undesired in this place.

When you do visit – it is free to get in but please do not forget to buy a Christiania Share! I bought one for 50Kr and it supports the community there!


Home of the Christiania Bikes:


Be sure to have a longer walk outside the main areas to see some gems of alternative housing: