Coronavirus – Consequences


Just some notes on what should happen once this COVID19 crisis settles.

Other notes:

This note will change, as I consider the mess I have seen taking place during this crisis.

You are on your own

This applies both to the country and yourself.

Country issues:

Personal Issues:

…and much more.

Some of the above limitations were reversed once the disease got under control; but what if the COVID19 had been more serious?

These issues highlights the unpreparedness in our society.

Essentially as a country you must be able to rely on your own supplies, and/or have very strict bilateral agreements in place to ensure supply during a global crisis.

Additionally as a person you need to be aware and foresee your own needs in a situation like this.

What to Do


  • Start preparing as soon as a problem starts elsewhere in the world (China)
  • Monitor twitter feeds and other underground news from that country

As a Country

  • Don’t trust what governments say (like China “we have it under control”)
  • Don’t trust what international organisations say (like WHO “China got it under control”)
  • Don’t trust main stream news in other countries (controlled by government)
  • Have one or more plans ready, both for pandemics and wars (yes, it is just project planning really)
  • Always have stockpiles of PPE and key medicines if possible
  • Monitor arrivals (airplanes, boats/ships and anybody on foot or on wheels)
  • Stop uncontrolled arrivals into the country
  • Controlled arrivals to self-isolate or forced isolation
  • Redefine citizenship to where you belong (place you live, pay tax and would defend) so people are repatriated to the right place
  • Identify strategic businesses, critical resources, products and services by law
  • Local resources must be protected and supported by law
  • Prevent critical products and services being off-shored
  • Prevent strategic businesses being sold to foreign businesses
  • Subsidise strategic business
  • Mandate people to work from home if possible, to reduce pollution and dependency on fossil fuels
  • Have an agency like the US DHS – Department of Homeland Security – to stockpile resources from PPE and antivirals to inflatable hospitals

Examples of critical resources and strategical businesses:

  • Iron/Steel (China is now main supplier of steel)
  • Farming (yes, we need food)
  • Food shops (ensure distribution)
  • Coal (yes, if oil supplies stops, we better start using coal again)
  • Medicines (most medicines are now from China and India)
  • Weapons factories
  • Research facilities (especially medical, biological and other high-tech)

As a Person:

  • Don’t trust what the government tells you (like “masks don’t help”)
  • Don’t trust what main stream media tell you (controlled by government)
  • Prepare for lockdown and supply problems for 2-3 months minimum
  • Prepare exit/entry procedures for your property
  • Keep stocks of  the physical items below for the duration of the above period
  • Keep the pantry full and fresh; cycling contents regularly
  • PPE especially masks and goggles
  • Vitamins, especially C and D
  • Disinfectants, soap, 2-propanol, alcohol
  • Cash, gold and silver and have bank accounts in different banks
  • Procure thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter (SpO2)


  • Who instigated “herd immunity” in the UK?
  • Did the UK government not see the COVID19 coming back in Jan-2020?
  • Why did the UK not have plans ready (pre-planned) for a pandemic?
  • Where did the Coronavirus originate from? (hint: not from people eating bats; it is an obvious cover story)