York Historic Pubs

 The Golden SlipperThis is my list of the historic pubs in York with or without real history but that also serve a decent beer.

See the map…

The Black Swan Inn

Built: 1417

History: Ghost of workman with bowler hat and ghost young woman in white dress

Address: 23 Peasholme Green

The Golden Fleece

Built: 15th century

History: Ghost of airman in full 2nd world war uniform and ghost of man dressed in 17th century clothes

Address: 16 Pavement

The Snickleway Inn

Built: 15th century

History: Ghost of lady and her cat. Also ghost of young girl and ghost of an elderly gent

Address: 47 Goodramgate

The Red Lion

Built: 13th century

History: Have hidden priest holes

Address: 2 Merchant Place

The Old White Swan

Built: 16th century

History: Haunted but no specific ghosts

Address: 80 Goodramgate

Guy Fawkes Inn

Built: Not that old but looks old inside

History: Built on the birthplace of Guy Fawkes (1570)

Address: 25 High Petergate

The Kings Arms

Built: Dunno

History: Gets flooded regularly hence often appears on BBC and Sky news

Address: Kings Staith

The Blue Bell

Built: Dunno

History: Old authentic interior

Address: 53 Fossgate


Built: 1190

History: Old building

Address: 6 Patrick Pool

House of Trembling Madness

Built: 1180

History: Old building

Address: 48 Stonegate


Built: Dunno

History: Old building

Address: 31-33 Goodramgate

Royal Oak

Built: 15th century

History: Old building

Address: 18 Goodramgate

The Golden Slipper

Built: 15th century

History: Old 14th century slipper found in wall on display

Address: 20 Goodramgate

The Maltings

Built: Dunno

History: Covered with old doors and metal signs inside

Address: Tanners Moat


Elephant Drain

No – don’t look at the Cafe Rouge – but look above a little elephant on top of the drain cover.

The elephant was the family crest of a York dean. He had his own entrance through the street. Look at Cafe Rouge doorway in High Petergate and you can see where the arch has been blocked up

52 Low Petergate,  York.

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York – Annual Events

This is my personal list of annual events I would like to see (again).

They are not all that near but most are reachable by car or train.

As there is always many event’s on in and around here – be sure to check:




Event Time Notes Link
Cholmondeley Pageant of Power (or CPOP) July The motor show in Cheshire will have fabulous displays of motor racing, power boating, aerobatics and military action. You will see supercars and superbikes past and present roaring along the 1.2-mile track in the magnificent grounds of Cholmondeley castle http://www.cpop.co.uk/
More to come…