Google Email Labels Fix

This is a fix for Google Contacts where contacts has been created with a custom email label.

Email with custom email labels will not sync to Windows Phone 8.1.

This happen in particular when using GO Contact Sync Mod with Microsoft Outlook.

So when the new contact is created it looks like this:


What we need is a label like “Work” or “Home”:


I have made a little Goggle apps script to fix this:

function fixcontacts() {
//  var contacts = ContactsApp.getContactGroup(‘My Contacts’).getContacts();  
  var contacts = ContactsApp.getContacts();  
    for (var i in contacts) {
      var addressFields = contacts[i].getAddresses();
//      Logger.log(contacts[i].getFullName());
      var emails = contacts[i].getEmails();
      for (var j in emails) {
        var label=emails[j].getLabel()
//        Logger.log(label);
        switch (label) {
          case ContactsApp.Field.WORK_EMAIL:
//            Logger.log(‘OK’);
          case ContactsApp.Field.HOME_EMAIL:
//            Logger.log(‘OK’);
//            Logger.log(‘FIX’);
            Logger.log(‘Fixing ‘ + contacts[i].getFullName());
            switch (j){
              case ‘0’:
              case ‘1’:

The script will ignore contacts already having the standard labels “Work” and”Home”.

Anything else with get replace with first “Work” and then “Home” for the second label.

Any subsequent labels will not be changed.

If you are not sure how to create and run scripts then read this Google page.

Oh by the way – using this script is on your own responsibility and there is NO support!

Sony Ericsson w200i unlock

Just is just a small guide so I can remember how to do this myself.

Feel free to use but no guarantee that it works on your phone though…

Its more likely you might render your phone useless!

This is a Sony Ericsson w200i with db2012 chipset and cid52 firmware and this instruction is specific to this.

De-brand Phone

Download tools:



You can find these with google.

Expand Setool2Lite_v1.10.rar into w200i\Setool2Lite

Expand Setool2Lite_update_to_v1.11.rar inside w200i\Setool2Lite\ and run Setool2Lite_update_to_v1.11.exe here

Download firmware:



into w200i\firmware

You can find these with google.

Make REST restore file:

This is an important step in case anything goes wrong.

cd w200i\Setool2Lite\make_rest

drop W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn on top of ssw2rest.exe

and you get a new file:


Copy this file to w200i\Setool2lite\rest


Get phone identity:

Start setool2lt.exe

Click Identify and follow instructions.

The usual procedure is to hold c button on phone and connect USB cable.

You can release the c button when the tool is working.


Note don’t fiddle with any other buttons yet.

Disconnect the phone and replace the battery.

Make GDFS file:

Click Read GDFS and follow instructions.


Disconnect the phone and replace the battery.

Flash de-branded firmware:

Select Phone Type: w200

Select the mbn and the fbn file with the add button.

Select the w200_melinda… zip file with the … button.

Click flash and follow instructions.


Disconnect phone and replace battery.

Just in case make a new GDFS file for this newly installed firmware as earlier.

Unlock Phone

Download tools:





You can find these with google.

Expand Far_Manager__JDFlasher_T6__CID52_Patching__CID53.rar into w200i\Far

To verify you got the right tool check the date of the file in w200i\Far\Plugins\jdflasher\bin\2020_cs_R3A006 to be 29/6/2008.

The file itself is not important but it is an indicator of you have got the right version or not.

Expand anycid.rar to w200i\anycid

Expand w200_xml.rar to w200i\Far\Plugins\jdflasher\scripts\w200.xml

Expand SIMLockPatchGen_v2.2.rar to w200i\SIMLockPatchGen

Prepare patch crack:

In .\anycid expand to .\anycid\db2012\tpa

In .\anycid\w200 to .\anycid\w200\tpa

Copy .\anycid\db2012\tpa to w200i\anycid\tpa

Copy .\anycid\w200\tpa directory to w200i\anycid\tpa

So you have three files in w200i\anycid\tpa\preset\custom:

  • customize_upgrade.xml
  • executor.jar
  • executor.b

Make REST file:

Very important step – without no more phone…

Copy w200i\firmware\W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn to

w200i\Far\Plugins\jdflasher\rest and in this dir drag:

W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn onto mkrest2.exe and you get:

Delete the copy w200i\Far\Plugins\jdflasher\rest\W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn

But do keep the .rest file!


Make Unlock patch:

Copy w200i\firmware\W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn to

w200i\SIMLockPatchGen and in this dir drag:

W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn onto SIMLockPatchGen.exe and you get:

Delete the copy w200i\SIMLockPatchGen\W200_MAIN_GENERIC_R4HA014_RED52_ONLY1.mbn

…{user}\Documents\SIM-Lock Patch Generator\vkp\Remove_SIM_lock_W200_R4HA014_GENERIC.vkp

Copy this file to w200i\SIMLockPatchGen\Remove_SIM_lock_W200_R4HA014_GENERIC.vkp so you have:


No we are ready to ROCK!

Patch unlock phone:

Start w200i\Far\Far.exe

If you have problems with the executable or the jdflasher plug-in then set compatibility for far.exe to:


That should sort it out.

In Far press alt-F1 and select Just Da Flasher.

Pick script w200 and cable dcu-60 and speed 921600:


Click Jump…

And you get:


Click left pane on ofs and you get:


Click tpa and then preset and then custom dirs and in the right pane click w200i\anycid\tpa\preset\custom\ and select all 3 files with the insert key:


Click copy and then copy again:


So you get the files in left pane:


Exit ofs by clicking .. until you get:


Click Yes and disconnect phone and replace the battery.

Put a current provider (as phone is not unlocked yet) SIM card in phone and turn phone on.

Select “Start Phone” and go to entertainment and then games and execute the Executor.

The phone will now switch off. Replace battery and DO NOT turn phone back on.

Now the phone is open for patching.

Phone Unlock:

Assuming Far.exe is still running.

In Far press alt-F1 and select Just Da Flasher.

Pick script w200 and cable dcu-60 and speed 921600 and DE-SELECT RSA:


Click Jump…

And you get:


Click bflash and then memory and select w200i\SIMLockPatchGen\Remove_SIM_lock_W200_R4HA014_GENERIC.vkp in right pane and click copy.

Exit bflash by clicking .. a few times.

When asked to flash REST answer yes – otherwise the phone will not boot.

Disconnect and replace battery.

Phone should now be unlocked.