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Coronavirus – Consequences

Just some notes on what should happen once this COVID19 crisis settles. Other notes: Tracker Facts Maths This note will change, as I consider the mess I have seen taking place during this crisis. You are on your own This applies both to the country and yourself. Country issues: Germany bans export of medical protective […]

Coronavirus – Tracker

This is a daily tracker with official number compared to my formula in the maths post. So also these posts regarding the virus: Facts Maths Consequences Highlights: Linear now going slowly towards horizontal, which means the end of Covid-19 Mortality (CFR) is still just below 15%, so once you are a “case” in hospital, chance […]

Coronavirus – Math

So also these posts regarding the virus: Tracker Facts Consequences A long as the government is not doing any draconian measures virus spread will be exponential. In short the growth looks like a hockey stick. The UK graph taken from 10/3 (ref 2 – click Global, Europe and then UK): Compared to Italy same date: […]

Coronavirus – Facts

What is COVID19? So also these posts regarding the virus: Tracker Maths Consequences It’s not the flu: Flu does not attack the lungs in normal people Flu is prevalent in colder climates; COVID19 doesn’t care about the weather Longer incubation period (up to 24 days): COVID19 up to 24 days and 1-2 weeks on average […]