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Catalonia – Catalunya

In the wake of the independence discussions I thought a fact page would be good to have. Geography Area1: 32,108 km2 Population 2017 estimate3: 7.477.131 This is around 16% of the Spanish population. Economy GDP4: €M 223,629 For comparison5 :   GDP €M GDP per Capita Population Catalonia 223,629 29908 7,477,131 Finland 215,615 39134 5,509,717 […]

Villages Inside Barcelona City

The best known areas with small streets are: El Raval, El Gotic and El born However there are many other worth while seeing. Most of these villages were “glued” together by the grid of Eixample in early 1900s. The headlines link to tags related to the districts. Vila de Gràcia No secret any more but […]

Pedestrian Streets

In addition to the ramblas there are many other great streets with great sights, shopping, bars and restaurants. Note, even if a street is pedestrianised you will still get cars, scooters and bicycles going through the street from time to time so watch out. Avenida de Gaudi Goes from La Sagrada Familia to Hospital de […]


The Spanish name “Rambla” means dry riverbed so as the name indicated Barcelona has got more than one. However some ramblas have just been turned into massive roads so you need to know where the nice ones are… Overview: La Rambla: Bottom left Rambla Poeblenou: Top right La Rambla This is the one we all […]

Los Pajaritos

A fantastic fish restaurant just 200 yards from our street. Not cheap but food is top notch and I must recommend menu del dia.   Inside 3 huge ousters as starter in menu del dia And the monk fish mains El Clot well actually in Camp de L’Arpa

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