Budapest – Restaurants


The restaurants is only represented by the names of the place. To find the address and phone number of the restaurant contact the concierge or pick up one of the many booklets you can get in the Budapest airport or in the hotel lobby.

All the restaurants in the list are inside Budapest, which is usually less than 1500HUF in a taxi.

The general rule are: don’t go to any restaurants in district I(castle hill) and V(pedestrian street), they are touristic and usually quite bad and expensive.

The ratings are as follows:

1 – The entry is only here as a warning so nobody go there by accident.
2 – This place wont kill you, but you wont enjoy it.
3 – This is acceptable but not a place to become a regular.
4 – The is very nice, a place you would like to go again.
5 – This is the ultimate place to eat; you’ll want to stay there indefinite.

Price levels are:
$ = cheap
$$ = normal
$$$ = expensive

Anonymous 2 $$ In the Vajdahunyad Castle, nice food, but visiting a second time they had changed the menu to a grill-only menu, which were so sad that we left again.
Barokk 4 $$ Nice place in baroque style.
Biarritz 4 $$ You can sit outside here, but the street is a bit noisy.
Bombay Palace 4 $$$ Very good Indian place.
Cafe Kör 4 $$$ Nice cafe like restaurant with French cuisine.
Cascade 5 $$$ An excellent fish restaurant in nice surroundings.
Chez Daniel 5 $$ Small and nice place where you can sit outside. French cuisine and a French speaking chef.
Cyrano 2 $$ One of the only district V places where the food is decent.
Faustos 5 $$$ Excellent Italian food in a very romantic atmosphere..
Fenyogyongye 3 $ A nice small restaurant on the foot of the hill of Harmashatar Hegy. You can sit almost outside in a garden house.
Iguaná 3 $$ Excellent mexican style restaurant.
Kacsa 5 $$$ Serves nice duck(=kacsa). Has a special room where a small party can sit for themselves.
Kánaán 3 $$ Hungarian restaurant wit a nice menu.
Kek Laguna 5 $$ Restaurent Blue Lagoon. Very good Hungarian place and if you’re lucky they serve Sushi as well.
Kiraly 3 $$$ Very expensive floor show restaurant.
La Bodega 2 $$ Spanish or Mexican place with a Hungarian menu. NO Fajitas or anything you would have expected in a place like this.
Le Jardin De Paris 4 $$ French place where you can sit outside, but if it’s busy it takes a long time to get the food here.
Leroy Country Pub 3 $$ Nice place with loud music.
Lou-Lou 4 $$$ French cuisine in a nice environment.
Monarchia 5 $$$ Located in a fancy villa far out on the Buda side. You can sit outside here. Excellent food and service.
Mongolian Barbecue 3 $ Eat and drink all you want.
Muvesz 4 $$$ Nice and close to downtown without being contaminated by tourists.
Náncsi Néni 3 $$ A very nice garden restaurant where you sit outside. Hungarian cuisine.
Okay Italia 1 $ Cheap Italian place serving pizzas worse than they make it at Pizza Hut.
Postakocsi 4 $$ Nice place where you can sit outside. Right on Fö Ter with no cars.
Remiz 4 $$ Hungarian cuisine where you can sit outside. There’s also a small playground area where our kids can have fun while you’re enjoying your diner.
Robinson 5 $$$ clip_image003

Right in the lake in the City Park with view to a fountain. Good food and excellent location. You can sit outside here. See picture below:

Seoul House 1 $$ I have never seen waiters as lazy as these, it took me almost one hour to get a beer and a menu, then we decided to leave; no food is that good to wait that long for.
Shalimar 4 $$ Very good Indian place.
Shiki 2 $$ Japanese, cheap but nice sushi made by Japanese chef, but served by lazy Hungarian chicks; even to get another beer was a hard task.
Szazeves 1 $$$ Another district V place, but stay away from this…
Szilvakék Paradicsom 3 $$ Restaurant Blue Tomato. A bar like restaurant in a western style, which is open late hours friday and saturday.
Vadrosa 5 $$$ Hungarian, the menu is a plate with the food on nicely arranged but with NO price tags.