Budapest – Places to see

Places to see
Beware, most museums and similar activities are closed on mondays, so stay in bed that day or go to one of the public playgrounds.



A very big roman ruin from the 1st century A.D. If the kids thinks it’s boring, then tell them that maybe Asterix and Obelix lived there once; the French cartoon figures you know.

Harmashatar Hegy

Up here you can see most of Budapest and surroundings. The hill also hosts the TV tower and a restaurant, but I didn’t try that because thats also closed on a monday. Go there by taxi, 1500 HUF from downtown. Walk down the hill to the Fenygyöngye restaurant which also is open on mondays. The downhill walk is 2,5km and takes around half an hour.

Castle hill – funicular railway and caves


Take the funicular railway to the castle hill and use the tickets to get a discount in the caves beneath the catle hill. Both activities are great fun for kids. The railway only lasts for five minutes, but the caves is at least a half an hour of underground scary fun for small kids.

Castle hill – playgrounds

There’s only one playground on the castle hill just on the Europa Liget, above Hunfalvy u., with a nice view of Budapest. You can sit and enjoy the view while the kids are having fun.

Another playground close to the castle hill is in the Vermezo park towards the Miko u.

Caves with stalactites and stalagmites

I didn’t go there, but I would if I had the time…

There’s many caves around Budapest, one of then is the Pálvölgyi cave. Bring a pullover because the temperature there is always around 12 degrees.

The usual question is, what are stalactites and stalagmites? Well, these are stones created by calcite formed by water and stalactites are the ones hanging down from the roof and stalagmites are the ones growing from the floor. Sometimes they grow together.

Visegrad and boattrip

Visegrad is a very nice town close to the knee of Danube. The town has a very nice castle on the top of the cliff and the town itself is very cosy.

Buy a boat ticket in the small house on the harbour side outside Marriot hotel. The price is around 1000HUF for adults and half price for kids for a return ticket, which is very cheap compared to the price of a small sigtseeing trip. The most convinient time to leave Budapest is at 9am and the last boat back from Visegrad is at 5:30pm. The trip to Visegrad takes 3½ hour and the trip back takes 2½ hour. That leaves 5 hours of stay in Visegrad.

The boattrip to Visigrad is very nice; you pass several smal nice cities and the riverside is mostly covered by trees and forest. On the boat you can buy icecream, snaks and sandwiches; so the kids will love the boat trip.

I suggest that you take a taxi to the castle unless you want to walk 5-6km uphill; I tried to walk, but I don’t recommend that. The castle is on the cliff appx. 500m above the Danube, but the road up there are very long. After being at the castle you can go back down to the road in front of the castle and walk around 500m to a summer bob slide which is great fun for big kids and adults.

Take a taxi back down to the city and spend some time there as well; there’s some nice remains of the castle there as well.


This town is a very nice tourisitc small town. There’s a lot of restaurants and small shops where you can buy the usual touristic stuff. You can go to this town either by train(240HUF), boat(600HUF) or take a taxi(4000HUF). We went by train, which took around 30 minutes. The town is also known for the art comunity there, but it didn’t apply to my taste.

City park – circus

The circus is great fun. The show we saw was totally performed on ice, so tricks which is difficult on hard ground even became harder. The clowns were also great; my kids loved this activity more than most others.

City park – Vajdahunyad


The castle is very nice and spectacular. Try to see it from the sea side by renting a cycleboat or a row boat. If you need a drink or something to eat, there’s a restaurant in the castle(Anonymus) or you can go to a tent like restaurant behind the castle, which is much cheaper.

City park – Zoo

The zoo is very nice and is a mix of botanic garden and regular zoo.

City park – Vidampark amusement park

Actually there are two amusement parks: one for pre-school kids(1-5) and one for 4-adult. The kids park has free entrance and you buy 10 tickets for 700HUF. The adult park has a small entrance like 500HUF, but the activities are cheap, usually not more than 300HUF.

City park – Playgrounds

The city park has several playgrounds. One of the playgrounds just outside the Zoo, has trampolines which costs 150HUF for 5 minutes. Another playground in the other section of the City park near corner of Dozsa Gyorgy ut and Ajtosi Durer sor. This playground has some pretty new stuff which is suitable for kids between 3 and 10 years.

Cogwheel rail and childrens railway

Take the subway to Moszkva Ter and walk to the cogwheel railway just opposite hotel Budapest. The fare is the normal subway fare. Go straight to the end station and take a break at the small cafe on the road. Then continue to walk down the road to the childrens railway. The ticket costs around 150HUF. The ride is very nice and takes you through forest, mountains and hills. You can take a break on the Janos Hegy and walk to the top of the hill, to the watch tower. At the last station walk to the Nancsi Neni restaurant on Ördögarok ut 80 and aftert a nice meal take a taxi back for around 1500HUF.

Margit Island


This is a great place for kids and their parents too. The island is almost without cars due to restricted access through gates. You can rent bicycle cars where you all can sit. The cheapest place to rent bicycles is just inside the entrence from Margit Hid by the sports centre on the left. Bring a freesbie or a football and have some fun. There’s plenty of places to buy something to drink and eat. Close to the entrance on the opposite side of the island there’s a small park with fish and turtles and a small waterfall. Kids just loves that place.



Budapest is an architectural perl with plenty of nice buildings with all sorts of special features; just looks around and up everywhere you go, sometime a building with a boring facade has a marvellous roof or vice versa. Also look at the bridges, like the Chainbridge, se picture.