Villages Inside Barcelona City

The best known areas with small streets are: El Raval, El Gotic and El born

However there are many other worth while seeing.

Most of these villages were “glued” together by the grid of Eixample in early 1900s.

The headlines link to tags related to the districts.

Vila de Gràcia

No secret any more but still many tourist never go here.

This district is very bohemian but has become more mainstream the last few years.

Great area to go for bars and restaurants.

English is spoken in most places here.


Fiesta de Gracia in front of the Gracia town hall (left) and Casa Vicens – Gaudi’s first house in Gracia (right):

image image

El Camp de l’Arpa del Clot

Quite unknown to tourists hence mainly Spanish area and less English is spoken.

Most bars are local but there are a few lovely bodegas and restaurant worth trying.

Have a walk down Rogent which connects to Poblenou.


Parc del Clot with the town hall in the background (left) and Diables in our local street (right):

image image


Near one of the main train stations but many people never get to see the village here.

My favourite place is Plaça d’Osca but also try to cross Carrer de Sants and explore the other side.


Building on Carrer de Sants (left) and Fiesta de Sants (right):



The “new village” having it’s own Rambla with lots of bars and restaurants.

But also try to walk in the parallel streets where less touristic bar and restaurants are awaiting.

And finally end up on the beach.


Beach bar at end of Rambla Poblenou hidden behind the boat yard (left) and a restaurant in one of the side streets off the Rambla (right).

image image

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