Month: June 2017

Public Sector Employment

Often talked about – but what are the facts… I will be looking at full time equivalents (FTE); seasonally adjusted (SA) all readily available from ONS. Observations: Public sector employment is still high even during the conservatives Central government has increased mostly due to NHS staff increases Local services has been decreased mostly due to […]


Based on ONS employment figures. So nearly no unemployed then? Seems like we are missing around 20%, which is the “economically inactive”: Which translates to: 4.6% + 74.8% + 21.5% = 101% ONS states: Everybody aged 16 or over is either employed, unemployed or economically inactive The definition of each of these are for people […]

Villages Inside Barcelona City

The best known areas with small streets are: El Raval, El Gotic and El born However there are many other worth while seeing. Most of these villages were “glued” together by the grid of Eixample in early 1900s. The headlines link to tags related to the districts. Vila de GrĂ cia No secret any more but […]

British Governments

Often discussed when things took place what government to blame… Recent governments from Wikipedia: Year From Prime Minister Party Ministry 1979 Margaret Thatcher Conservative First Thatcher ministry 1983 Margaret Thatcher Conservative Second Thatcher ministry 1987 Margaret Thatcher Conservative Third Thatcher ministry 1990 John Major Conservative First Major ministry 1992 John Major Conservative Second Major ministry […]