Month: March 2009

York – surroundings

These are things to do outside York. Well there is so much to do in the North of England so I have mainly picked things in Yorkshire including Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors but places like The Peak district and The Lake District is not far away. Click on this link to see more detail […]

Army Pictures

These are various pictures taken while I was either in the army or territorial army (home guard) This was a weird time with both good and bad times. Bad was mostly being constantly cold and wet and the good was the friendships created during the bad times. Picture taken when leaving the army after the […]

Me, Me and more Me

This is a compilation of old pictures from various sources. The early pictures are the obligatory school pictures. The latter ones are a mix of pictures from passport and student id. I have no idea how I could get into countries like Russia and Poland with a picture like that. 9 Years Old 11 Years […]

York – Links

Various links to further explore what’s going on in York Virtual York – see the great views What’s on in York Links to activities in and around York History of York – full of great pictures Council History Pages Great gallery of York York News Yorkshire Dales […]

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