Coronavirus – Consequences

Just some notes on what should happen once this COVID19 crisis settles. Other notes: Tracker Facts Maths This note will change, as I consider the mess I have seen taking place during this crisis. You are on your own This applies both to the country and yourself. Country issues: Germany bans export of medical protective […]

Coronavirus – Tracker

This is a daily tracker with official number compared to my formula in the maths post. So also these posts regarding the virus: Facts Maths Consequences This post is now closed. It is also hopeless the follow the official numbers as they keep changing the statistical basis. One should consider it may be on purpose […]

Coronavirus – Math

So also these posts regarding the virus: Tracker Facts Consequences A long as the government is not doing any draconian measures virus spread will be exponential. In short the growth looks like a hockey stick. The UK graph taken from 10/3 (ref 2 – click Global, Europe and then UK): Compared to Italy same date: […]

Coronavirus – Facts

What is COVID19? So also these posts regarding the virus: Tracker Maths Consequences It’s not the flu: Flu does not attack the lungs in normal people Flu is prevalent in colder climates; COVID19 doesn’t care about the weather Longer incubation period (up to 24 days): COVID19 up to 24 days and 1-2 weeks on average […]

The Withdrawal Agreement

This is the rule that governs during the transition phase. The official title: Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community Dated: 19 October 2019 There are a few articles that ties in with the political statement that we […]

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